Data submitted to EBAS need to be formatted in the EBAS NASA-Ames format by the data provider. You can use this tool to create your own EBAS Nasa-Ames formatted file. There are mainly two ways you could use this tool, either you can just create your metadata header and export it as a EBAS NASA Ames file, or you can create complete dataset and create the metadata header together with data from your Excel spreadsheet.

For in depth documentation on specific metadata elements, please have a look at the EBAS data submission manual. If you have questions that you cannot find answers to in the manual, please feel free to contact the EBAS team. ebas@nilu.no.

Important: The the file generator is session based, which means that when the client (browser) shuts down, the session will be terminated and your content will be lost. So please download your content before you exit your browser.


There are no requirements to which step you should perform first. You can choose, for example, to start with variable specific data and metadata before you set the fileglobal metadata. There is also no requirement that you perform all the steps. You could at any time export the content as a Nasa Ames file. The file global metadata is metadata that applies to all variables, while the variable specific metadata, applies to one or more specific variables.

Set fileglobal metadata

Set variable specific data and metadata

Export Nasa Ames

Go to the Export Nasa Ames button in the main menu, this will give you the option to generate a Nasa Ames file with the data and metadata you have added.

Once you have generated a file, you can view the file as well as export the file to your computer, all the way down after the file window.

If you experience difficulties with using the tool, or want to give feedback on something, please contact us at ebas@nilu.no.

A joint project between ACTRIS and NILU (2020)