Add QA measures

QA measure is a general term for different procedures involved in the quality assurance (QA) of the measurements. QA measures can be an on-site or off-site intercomparison, round-robin or an on-site audit.

All the QA measures need to be identified with a unique ID (QA measure ID). Usually the ID itself provides a reference to the organization defining the QA measure and a reference to the QA procedure. The QA measure ID's are either administered centrally at NILU or at a calibration Centre. It is only possible to use the predefined QA measure IDs. If additional IDs need to be generated, please contact The QA measure also needs a date (use the enddate if it lasts for a longer period) and a URL where the results can be retrieved. The results can either be site/laboratory specific or it might be a report with the results of the complete QA measure. Which one to use is defined in the different templates.

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